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“Is Obama shagging hookers behind the media’s back?”

April 2, 2010
  • Little boy realizes he’s not a single lady. =(
  • Ugly Betty is a hottie without those gross braces. New episode is up! (video)

America Ferrera's one hot bitch

America Ferrera's one hot bitch

  • Anna Paquin is half gay. (videos/article)
  • Fucktard kills a doctor in church for performing abortions, claims God made him do it. (article)
  • Are you an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod? (article)
  • HILARIOUS Pac-Man trailer. (video)
  • Don’t fuck with New Yorkers and their In-N-Out burgers. (article/photo)
  • Steve Carell is a real weatherman for about a minute. (video)
  • Heidi and Spencer change their names to “White Wolf” and “Running Bear.” Native Americans are pissed off. All other groups glad Speidi didn’t pick them. (article)
  • Dude really likes his fish filet from McDonalds. MUNCHIES! Oh, Jersey. (video)
  • What people really do on Easter. (graph)
  • Miley Cyrus’ movie sucks. O RLY? (article)
  • Pope cannot testify at sex abuse trials because he has immunity as head-of-state. Gay. (article)
  • Doctor tells people that voted for President Obama to fuck off. In other news, Republicans are fucking assholes. (article)
  • Spanish airline hostesses get naked. Here are the photos. (article/photos)
  • John Stewert shits on CNN for hiring partisan Erick Erickson. Great footage of Larry King acting like an old geezer, too. “CNN’s like the guy at the strip club who says, ‘I’m gonna hang out but I’m not gonna get a lap dance. I’m here for the buffet.'” (video)
  • Filipinos crucify themselves for Good Friday. That would be bad ass… if it wasn’t fucking retarded. (video)
  • Sarah Palin encourages road rage. “Sarah Palin has already defended her violent rhetoric lately accompanying the crosshairs on her Facebook page ‘targeting’ Democratic Congressional candidates, and now she is basically telling her followers to self-righteously stop traffic and confront drivers of cars with Obama stickers on them–particularly a ‘Subaru’ for some reason? Not VWs or Toyotas? What an easy hipster target missed by the debutante demagogue.” Hey, remember this post about that asshole that rammed a guy’s car for having an Obama bumper sticker? Yeah, not inciting violence, my ass. (article/video)
  • Researchers develop a 10 minute HIV test that fits into an iPod case. (article)
  • Sweden bans fake boobs. =( (article)
  • New Yorkers told to pull their pants up, stop acting ghetto. Sorry, urban. (article)
  • The funniest post about hemorrhoids you’ll ever read. (article)
  • And, just because: puppies.

    Cute Fucking Puppies

    Cute Fucking Puppies

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